Biography: Since 1963 to 1986

1963 à 1981
Aslan's Pin-up
For 18 years he draws in the LUI magazine ans OUI magazine (similar to playboy magazine) , monthly pin-ups.

Marianne's Brigitte Bardot
Bust of Brigite Bardot as Marianne (symbol of the French republic). Edited by the Louvre Museum (more than 20,000 busts sold to this day). It is the first bust promoted by the Louvre while the author is still alive.

Félix Éboué
Félix Éboué's bust, ordered by the Guadeloupe.

Général de Gaulle
De Gaulle general's bust in three different sizes. ( 6 inches, 12 inches, 24 inches).

Marianne's Mireille Mathieu
Bust of singer Mireille Mathieu as Marianne, also edited by the Louvre museum.

Alain Delon
Comedian Alain Delon's bust and portrait of the actor on a 4 x 4 vehicule taking place at the Paris-Dakar Rallye (promoting Alain Delon perfume)
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