Biography: Since 1930 to 1946

Since 1930 to 1946
Aslan was born at Bordeaux
(France) on may 23rd 1930.
When he was 11, he has carved a stone in an old man head with odds and ends.
The year after, he putted money aside to get 2 soft stones, from where would born his first sculptures.
At 14, he is admitted to "Les beaux-arts de Bordeaux" (school of fine Arts), after passing the admission requirements without any difficulties.
He dicovers clay modeling and at home, in front of a three-faceted mirror, he sculpts his own bust. It is such a nice work of Art, that the fine art director doubts its authenticity and unwittingly pays its authors the highest compliments by saying : ''It remains to be seen whether he made it or not ! ''
The following year, at 15, he's awarded first prize from the University of artistic Anatomy
At 16, Paris beckons: The Famous superior school of fine Arts (L'école superieur des Beaux-Arts de Paris) where he was admitted, although underage, due to the sponsorship of painter Jean-Gabriel Domergue. He successfully passes the entrance examinations and ends up in second place out of 100 students.

École supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris

In the same year, in the sculpting workshop, he meets the man who's still his friend, the sculptor César

Sculpture (A stone gargoyle). Life size.

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